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"I grew up in a house where my parents taught me religion, my brother taught me to stand up for myself, and my sister taught me Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, The Doors, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana and The Beatles."
-Anne Ellis English

Side one: Pictures of Starbucks and girls who have dip-dyed hair
Side two: People crying over fictional gay couples
Side three: genuinely fucked up people looking for support and a place they don't have to hide. An escape.
Side four: porn.
Side six: The super geeky and crazy intelligent nerds who only come out of their labs to teach us all a lesson on anything science related.


*goes out of room*

*grabs food*

*goes back in the room*

*repeats the next day*

It’s hard to know which time he’s talking about.

Taylor Swift responding to Ed Sheeran complimenting her “wingman” skills.  - KISS FM UK 8/20/14 interview (via analyzingtaylor)


wanna come over and watch me blog

So a dog walks into the forest and he sees a whale and says “aren’t you supposed to be in the ocean?” and the whale says “Yes.

A joke told by the Russian exchange student that used to go to my school (via wickedpedia)


wow the fifty shades of grey movie looks intense


wow the fifty shades of grey movie looks intense


it takes all of my energy to read a post thats more than 2 sentences

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